Derek Couts
Why I started Derek Couts Photography

Have you ever sat around and just wondered what your life’s purpose was? I can say that I have quite a bit, and one thing that comes to my mind over and over again is, “to serve.”

Hey, I’m Derek Couts, a Nashville Unicorn (aka one of the few Nashville Natives) and authentic engagement + wedding photographer.

When my wife and I got married on October 25, 2014, we honestly did not remember the wedding at all the next morning. We only knew that it happened because we were waking up in Disney World in our Honeymoon Suite. As we were sitting together, we suddenly received a text message from our wedding photographer. He sent us a sneak peek of our wedding photos, and my wife and I felt served.

It was in that moment that I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer.

After we arrived home from our honeymoon, I started contacting other wedding photographers asking if I could shoot with them so I could get experience shooting weddings. Many obliged, and I started to get my feet wet shooting weddings.

Although I wanted to serve couples through wedding photography, I had difficulty figuring out how I was actually going to do that. Until I had an epiphany.

Prior to getting married, my wife and I went through premarital counseling together with the intention of never having to implement what we learned when it came to disagreements.

And then we started experiencing marriage!

It’s not always romantic, and some days it is very hard, but there are two things that consistently help us through difficult times: What we learned through premarital counseling and our wedding album.

With counseling, we learned how to communicate better and our album always reminds us of why we married each other. It was after one afternoon of looking at our photos that I had the realization of how I can serve my couples.

By providing authentic photos of who the couples are, I can serve by helping them grow closer together, even years after the wedding, and to help them before the wedding, I can encourage them to go through premarital counseling.

To show I truly believe in premarital counseling, I decided I had to put some skin in the game, which is why I offer couples 15% off of their wedding photography if they can commit to going through counseling before their wedding.

It’s also the only decrease in prices I offer.

It was scary, at first, doing this, but I am at peace with this decision because I truly feel that this is my life’s purpose.

Derek Couts Photography isn’t about great wedding photos, it’s about growing relationships and strengthening marriages.

  • I’m a Christian. I believe in the virgin birth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ to save the world from sin.
  • I have 3 loves. Grace (my wife), my children, and pumpkin spice everything.
  • I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Nashville Predators since 2000 and strongly believe we were robbed of the Stanley Cup 😡 But, it’s just a sport! 😊
  • Books are my love language. I’m working on a library of books right now, but my favorite two books are the signed copies of Retire Inspired and The Total Money Makeover, each signed by Chris Hogan.
  • Grace and I run the blog   Chase the Life You Love,   which is about living out your purpose.
  • I love the thought of RV Living. It just sounds so cool to me!
  • I used to play in a Christian Screamo band. Those totally go hand-in-hand!