Derek Couts
Why I started Derek Couts Photography

I married my beautiful wife in 2014 when we were both only 21 years old. We were new to the work force and didn’t have much money, so our wedding was on a pretty tight budget.

The one thing we knew we were not going to skimp out on was the photography. In fact, we spent almost 1/4 of our budget on our wedding photographer.

The day after our wedding was the strangest feeling. We were waking up in our hotel room at Disney World, and we realized that it almost felt like our wedding never happened!

That’s when we received a text from our photographer with a sneak peak to one of our photos, and we felt as though we were served well!

Because I felt served because of our wedding photos, I knew wedding photography was a way I could serve others. That’s why I formed Derek Couts Photography.

Some Fun Facts
  • I’m a Christian. I believe in the virgin birth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ to save the world from sin.
  • I have 3 loves. Grace (my wife), my children, and pumpkin spice everything.
  • I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Nashville Predators since 2000 and strongly believe we were robbed of the Stanley Cup 😡 But, it’s just a sport! 😊
  • Books are my love language. I’m working on a library of books right now, but my favorite two books are the signed copies of Retire Inspired and The Total Money Makeover, each signed by Chris Hogan.
  • Grace and I run the blog   Chase the Life You Love,   which is about living out your purpose.
  • I love the thought of RV Living. It just sounds so cool to me!
  • I used to play in a Christian Screamo band. Those totally go hand-in-hand!