Not many people are as lucky as I am to marry their high school sweet heart, and I do not take that for granted! When Grace and I married each other October 25, 2014, I became the happiest husband alive. She has shown me love, compassion, and the joy of Disney. And I have shown her just how amazing coffee really is! (Although I would say she drinks coffee with her creamer…)

Some of our favorite past times that have developed include: Binge watching How I Met Your Mother on repeat, quoting How I Met Your Mother in public places to see who is catching what we are saying, playing Mario at late o’ clock, and annoying each other to no end.

Derek and Grace's wedding


My son, Rowan, is my best buddy. When he was born, my whole world changed. Once huge example: I cannot watch the first 5 minutes of Tarzan without getting misty eyed. The boy has some spunk, and I’m pretty sure he get’s that equally from Grace and me.

The bedtime ritual Grace and I have developed with Rowan begins sometime around 7. We spend an hour playing with him in his room, get him in his jammies, sit in his reading corner and read whatever book he brings to us (9 times out of 10, it’s Barn Yard Dance), say prayers, and watch Fantasia. It’s one of our favorite moments of every day.

Derek and Grace's wedding

Coffee Snob(ish)

Coffee and I get along rather well. My daily intake of coffee? Probably around 3-6 cups a day. Depending on the levels of energy I need. Granted, that’s when I’m in a pinch for coffee! Honestly, I hate most drip coffee. If I absolutely have to drink drip coffee, it’ll most likely be an Arabica or Nicaraguan blend. I’ll take it black. That said, I love my espresso machine as well. It’s not fancy (yet), and my go to drink is a triple shot espresso over ice.

When I am able to spoil myself to GREAT coffee, there is one place I go: Crema. Every time, I get the Cuban. It’s smooth, amazing, and I’m 110% sure it is made with love.

If you are searching for a photographer and in the Nashville area, contact me and let me treat you to coffee!

Derek and Grace's wedding