Advent: A Wedding Picture

Here we are, only 7 days from Christmas! It’s hard to believe 2016 is already on it’s final week of Advent. Families have counted down days on calendars, church goers have listened to sermons of the birth of Jesus, and parents have braved the malls to shop for the perfect gifts for their children. As fun and beautiful as the traditions and origins of Christmas are, there is one thing this Advent paints a picture of more than anything else: a wedding.

Brides and grooms spend months preparing for a wedding. Finding the venue, picking out the dress, interviewing vendors…all in the name of celebrating the marriage. Weddings are often spoken of as the groom coming for his bride, and the bride preparing herself for her groom. The bride wakes up early in the morning, gets her makeup done, goes to a hairstylist, does final beauty details, puts on her dress, fusses over making sure every detail is perfect, and the groom waits for her at the end of the alter.

This is much like the second advent of Christ. As Christians await his coming, they prepare themselves by serving others as a light through the darkness. Advent truly is picture of a wedding.


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