Couple holding each other at the bottom of a stairway

Opryland Hotel Engagement Session: Alisha and Will

“What are some of your hobbies?”

“I like to go to art galleries.”

“Oh yeah? What’s your favorite kind of art?”

“I really like cows…”

“Yeah, we have a whole wall with cows at home.”

This was my introduction to Will and Alisha, probably one of the most goofy couples you may ever meet. And I love it!

Meet Alisha and Will

I first met Will and Alisha in person at one of my favorite coffee shops, Ugly Mugs, in Nashville, TN.

We agreed to meet there on an incredibly rainy day a week from their engagement session.

Something that is pretty important to me, as much as it is possible, I try to meet with every couple I will be shooting a session with in a setting that doesn’t involve a camera so they don’t feel the pressure of meeting me for the first time.

(And let’s be real, it’s really about meeting the camera!)

When I arrived, I saw Will and Alisha sitting at the best window seat, walked over to them, hugged, and we started hitting it off right away!

Will and Alisha both moved to Nashville, TN from Augusta, though at different times, for work.

Prior to the move, Alisha and Will went to high school together, which is where the met.

Not only did they meet, but they shared one of their favorite past times together: exploring play grounds at different schools.

(Hey, they were in high school, so you can’t judge! Plus, this is a no judge zone! 😉 )

How He Asked

After Alisha moved here from Augusta, Will made sure to visit often.

They would walk the pedestrian bridge, visit the bars downtown, and just enjoy the city.

There was one specific time, though, that after moving to Nashville, Will decided to take Alisha down to Augusta again.

As they were driving around, Alisha wasn’t exactly sure what to think. She was just enjoying the ride with Will.

After some time, Will stopped in front of a school. Just, not any school.

It was the school with their favorite playground. And it was here, in a sentimental and authentic place for them, that Will asked Alisha to marry him (with chalk I might add).

The Engagement Session

Because I encourage all couples to be authentic in their photos, Alisha and Will were going to be having their engagement session on the pedestrian bridge and even on top of the buildings in downtown.

Then Tennessee pulled a Tennessee and rained for a few weeks, including the day of their engagement session.

Rather than getting down about the overcast weather, Alisha had the wonderful idea to go to the Opryland Hotel Atrium and shoot there.

This, I am more than certain, was providence, because their engagement session is so full of life, and the Opryland Hotel was the perfect setting!

With cascading waterfalls and luscious greens, the Opryland Hotel Atrium is basically another world!

We had a wonderful time exploring the different settings, but I think the three of us can agree we had a better time ruining some teenagers make-out session during the shoot!

All we did was walk around a corner to explore, and there they were.

I guess they didn’t want us to hang around.


In all seriousness, this was such an incredible session.

But enough talk! Or, words to read.

Check out these photos!

Couple holding hands and laughing

Couple smiling at each other

Ferns at Opryland Hotel

Couple walking at Opryland Hotel

Delta Moon Jazz Club sign

Couple holding each other at the bottom of a stairway

Couple laughing and embracing each other

Man with straw hat holding fiance

lamppost at opryland hotel

Couple holding hands and walking through the opryland hotel

Palm branches at the opryland hotel

couple looking out over oprlyand hotel

couple walking up steps

couple walking up steps

clock tower at opryland hotel

staircase at opryland hotel

couple looking across bridge

couple holding hands

Fiance laughing at her future husband

couple holding hands in front of a waterfall

couple standing in front of a waterfall

couple holding each other

Alisha and Will, I’m so excited for you, and I hope your wedding is perfect!

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