Barn in the Bend Wedding: Rachel and Michael

If there is one thing anyone should know about Tennessee, it’s knowing that when it’s hot, it’s also humid. That’s exactly what it was like on May 27, 2018 at the Barn in the Bend.

The heat and humidity, however, was not going to get in the way of Rachel and Michael’s wedding this day.

Before the Wedding

Admittedly, I was incredibly anxious meeting Rachel and Michael at the Frothy Monkey in West Nashville. Rachel and Michael booked me to be their wedding photographer just over a month before their wedding, which is unlike most of my couples who book me a year in advance.

Upon meeting them, I could tell they were madly in love!

They were (and are) affectionate, caring, and adoring of each other!

From the way Rachel wrapped her arms around Michael, and the way he held her close, it was obvious these two were more excited about the marriage than the wedding.

They just happened to be excited about the wedding too!

Barn in the Bend Wedding

As my second photographer and I rolled up to the house at Barn in the Bend, we were greeted by Natasha, the coordinator.

We were excited to see each other, and she let us know Rachel was anxiously awaiting our arrival!

(I couldn’t wait to arrive because I always love seeing my brides on the day of their wedding!)

We met each other in the bridal suite, and she was already glowing with excited and anticipation to see her fiancé at the altar.

Apparently happy tears were shed already, and many more would be shed as the day progressed.

(Let’s say she was a master at “dab, don’t wipe” by the end of the day!)

When I met with Michael long after, he was calm, but just as excited to be with Rachel.

One thing everyone had on their mind, however, were the storm clouds that were rolling in.

The Ceremony

Were we going to be soaked going into this wedding? Would the vows be heard?

As it so happened, the storms never came!

Not that it really mattered, because rain or shine, Rachel and Michael were set on marrying each other!

And what a ceremony it was, officiated by Pastor Jason Shepherd.

Rachel and Michael stood at the altar, excitement in their eyes and hands clasped together waiting for the sentence, “I pronounce you husband and wife.”

When those words were uttered, Rachel let out a soft shriek of ecstatic disbelief of what was happening! She was becoming Mrs. Draper!

And then, the kiss, and the party.

Final Words of Encouragement to the Couple

Rachel and Michael, thank you so much for showing me why I do this.

Watching you two focus so much on preparation for your marriage above the wedding reminded me your relationship with each other is so much more important than the wedding itself.

You have love and I pray that it continues to grow each and every day.


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