The Barn on Oakville Lane: Brandan + Nicole

Where Do I Even Begin?

Nicole and Brandan were beyond amazing. I feel like they have become amazing friends of mine over the past year, when we first started discussing their wedding. Fast forward several months, and we met at Starbucks and went over all the details, and to be completely honest, they NAILED them. From the her dress to his tux, these two looked the part for the wedding day at the Barn on Oakville Lane.

The weather that day, could not have been better. Yes, there was rain off and on all day, but that is not what made it perfect. It was as if nature knew that today was their day, because just as the ceremony was about to begin, the rain stopped, and the sun was shining on through, giving Nicole the glow only a bride can have.

Nicole+Brandan 1


As the Day Progressed…

the excitement of the day continued to grow! Maybe it was the drinks? (; As guests waited for the announcement of the new couple, we were able to sneak away and shoot Nicole and Brandan in all of their excitement. After all, they were are newly weds!

Nicole+Brandan 5



You two are such a happy couple, and I wish you all the best in your marriage. Hold each other tight, never let go, and always remember why you fell in love.

You guys rock.

Nicole+Brandan 2

Nicole+Brandan 3Nicole+Brandan 4


Hairdresser: Hannah Johnson
DJ: Craig Smith
Dress: David’s Bridal
Cake: That Crazy Cake Place

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  1. Hey Derek this is Nicole meehan one of the bridesmaids. You are such an awesome photographer and person you were so fun to be arround!!! Look forward to maybe you doing some photos of my children for me one day! Lol best wishes to you and your wife with your new baby!

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      You were so awesome too! You were so helpful for Nicole that day, and I could tell you truly care for your friend! And thank you so much for the well wishes. They are the light of my life!

  2. You did such a wonderful job ,the pictures you took were fantastic. I know the whole family really appreciated your caring about Nicole and Brandan.Thank you

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      The wedding was absolutely amazing. I was so excited to be a part of it, and even more excited to be with two people who are so in love with each other!

  3. Derek,
    I dont even know where to begin, you are an amazing photographer! I am more than satisfied with the quality of the photos that we have seen so far and so impressed with the work you do. Over the past year we have connected and became friends, I am blessed and was honored to have you at the wedding. I will recommend you to anyone! I cant wait to work with you in the future. I will never use any other photographer again, unless you just dont do the ones we are wanting to do, lol. Congratulations again to you and your beautiful wife Grace on a handsome little man. I cant wait to work with you again in the future. Brandan and i appreciate everything you did for us!

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      You are just absolutely amazing! Thank you so much (: You are a part of my photo family now, and I would be honored to work with you on anything! Once you are a part of the family, you can come to me with any of your photography needs, and I will definitely see what I can do for you! Again, you were so beautiful on your wedding!

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