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Carnival: Courtney + Alan

There are two things that go fantastic together: Love, and cotton candy. At this carnival engagement with Courtney and Alan, there was an abundance of both!

When Courtney asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was more than thrilled to do so! Immediately we started coming up with ways to make their wedding experience memorable, and one of those ways was to have a memorable engagement session at the carnival. Although we had to wait some time for it to come around, it was well worth it. The smells, lights, and the love Alan and Courtney share, there was nothing wrong with this shoot.

Carnival Engagement

There were several things we discussed while deciding the thee of the shoot. Things the couple loved to do, where they got engaged, and how they wanted their photos to come across. These are some of the factors that go into planning a successful shoot. Because of their work schedules, we had to put the shoot off multiple times. After several months, they found a date that worked for them, and it so happened to land on the week of the carnival! Because they are a fun couple, it only made sense to theme the session around a carnival engagement.

We had a wonderful time, and after the shoot, they showed me a wonderful restaurant off Broadway in Nashville called San Antonio Taco Co. and we discuss more about the wedding! I can’t give too many details on that, but I can promise you, you don’t have long to wait! They will be getting married October 30 at Bagsby Ranch in Gallatin, TN, and it is beautiful!

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Courtney and Alan Carnival engagement
Carnival Engagement Merry-Go-Round
Kissing in front of a Ferris Wheel - Carnival Engagement - Courtney and Alan
Kissing in front of a ferris wheel - Carnival Engagement - Courtney and Alan
playing skee ball at the fair - Carnival Engagement - Courtney and Alan
excitedly laughing playing skee ball - Carnival Engagement - Courtney and Alan
Winning a prize for her - Carnival Engagement - Courtney and Alan
googly eyes in front of the prizes - Carnival Engagement - Courtney and Alan
ways to position hands for the engagement ring - Carnival Engagement - Courtney and Alan
Hanging out at the consessions - Carnival Engagement - Courtney and Alan

Congratulations Courtney and Alan! I cannot wait for the wedding!

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