Charlies Bunion: Jill + Daniel

You know your couple is incredibly adventurous when the first thing they tell you is they want their engagement session at Charlies Bunion in the mountains. This is exactly what happened when Jill and Daniel first contacted me about their engagement photos.

Charlies Bunion

Charlies Bunion is along the Appalachian Trail, and if you start at the trail head in Gatlinburg, TN, you will have a 9 mile round trip hike (going to Charlies Bunion, and back). Because of this, and knowing how crazy the day was going to be, this amazing couple invited me to stay with them (after driving 200+ miles from Nashville) so that we could hang out and be rested for this trip.

Snow in May?

We had a great and incredibly early start to the day. We woke up at 4am, drove from Knoxville, TN to Gatlinburg at 5:30, and arrived at the trail head at 7. Did I mention, by the way, that this is the middle of May? Because we were not prepared for what we saw when we got there! The wind chill, the cold, and snow were enough to make anyone reconsider their trip! However, we were set on making it to Charlies Bunion, and with a weather blanket wrapped around me, we set out.

Immediately, I knew that this session was going to be one for the ages! This couple was truly in their comfort zone! Adventure is what these two live for, and as the session went on, you could tell they had the most amazing love for each other! (Quick tip: When you do what you love, you become incredibly comfortable! I cover this in The Wedding Experience.)

Instead of telling you about it, I think you should see for yourself!

Appalachian-Trail-to-Charlies-Bunion-Engagement Jill and DanielGreat-Smokey-Mountains-Charlies-Bunion-Engagement-Jill and Danielon-top-of-mountain-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielbride-holding-groom-charlies-bunion-mountain-engagement-Jill and Danielcreative-multiple-exposure-picture-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielbride-and-groom-holding-hands-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielbeautiful-light-on-Appalachian-trail-Charlies-Bunion-Engagement-Jill and Danielsnow-in-may-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielflowers-on-mountainside-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and DanielWhite-flowers-on-mountainside-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielmountains-in-the-distance-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielkissing-on-mountain-side-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and DanielGroom-holding-bride-on-mountain-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielthe-adventure-begins-mug-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielring-on-hand-picture-charlies-bunion-engagementopen-field-on-the-smokey-mountains-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielbride-intimately-looks-at-groom-at-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and DanielBride-and-groom-kissing-and-walking-smokey-mountains-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielgroom-spins-bride-while-dancing-smokey-mountains-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielbride-and-groom-laughing-and-walking-charlies-bunion-engagement-Jill and Danielcreative-hiking-ring-picture-Charlies-Bunion-engagement-Jill and Daniel


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  3. I love it, but why wouldn’t I…………….. she’s our daughter! Jill really enjoyed it, and appreciates all your hard work for the shoot, Derek. You do beautiful photography, and we look forward to working with you for their wedding.

    1. Post

      Daniel and Jill are the absolute best! You are incredibly blessed to have her as a daughter and you should feel EXTRA proud that you raised her. You did an awesome job! (:

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