Cummins Falls State Park Waterfall

Cummins Falls State Park: Hannah And Josh

I think one of the biggest compliments a photographer can receive is shooting a past bride and groom’s brother and his girlfriend for their couple session. That’s exactly what happened with Hannah and Josh as we shot in the middle of spring at Cummins Falls State Park.

Cummins Falls State Park

Located just two hours east of Nashville, Cummins Falls State Park has one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Middle Tennessee area. So, when I proposed the idea to Hannah and Josh to have their session here, they were all on board! Just like Daniel and Jill (Josh’s brother and now sister-in-law), Hannah and Josh are extremely adventurous! (You can see Daniel and Jill’s engagement session here and wedding here) Because we wanted to make the best out of this session, we woke up at 3:30am, met at 4:30am, and set out on the road to arrive at the park by 6:30.

We Weren’t There Quite Yet

After arriving at Cummins Falls State Park, we had one other task before us: find the path to the base of the falls. When we initially set out, we took a route that we believed to be the correct trail. Instead of arriving at the base of the falls, however, we ended up on top! But, I can honestly say, I am so glad we initially ended up at another destination than where we set our sights for. With the water rushing around us, Josh and Hannah were able to get close to keep each other warm (after all, the air was so brisk this early in the morning), and Josh would gently guide Hannah around so that she would not slip. (Can someone say brownie points?!)

At the Base of the Falls

After a bit more hiking, we finally found the incredibly sketchy, steep, and adventurous trail that leads to the base of Cummins Falls. It was so nice following Hannah and Josh as I was able to observe how he guided her steps and even took care of the spider webs for her. (Again, brownie points). This couple really watches out for each other, and I hope to shoot more photos of them one day!

Hannah and Josh, thanks for showing what love looks like!
Cummins Fals Trail SignBrenizer Method Cummins FallsOn Top of Cummins Falls State Parksitting on a rock on top of Cummins Falls State ParkBrenizer Method Edge of WaterfallWalking on moving waterholding hands and snugglingstanding under tree on waterfallkissing under tree on waterfallCummins Falls State Park RiverBase of Cummins Falls State ParkKissing at the base of Cummins Falls State ParkBrenizer Method at base of waterfall

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