DIY Wedding Well Worth the Time and Savings

Greetings fellow thrifters! Chances are, you are reading this post because you are interested in creating a DIY wedding or want to learn how to better navigate your local Goodwill or thrift store in order to do so. Well, I promise not to disappoint! We will touch more on these topics in a future post, but for now, I want to give you a brief introduction to my approach to thrifting and how my personal experiences can help you in relation to your wedding.

Although I cannot pinpoint my first experience at Goodwill, I do recall visiting the store with my mom while I was in high school. I remember her trying to convince me that Goodwill should be seen as more of a treasure hunt rather than a gathering place for everyone’s old, stinky, worn out clothes and junk. Despite my initial trip to the store, I didn’t really get into thrifting until my college years in Knoxville.

During my freshman year, if I didn’t have anything to do after classes, I would walk over to the Goodwill a few streets over from my dorm and shop for whatever struck my fancy. That first trip evolved into another and another, and before I knew it, I was frequenting the store more than I’d like to admit. It has since then turned into one of my favorite hobbies and I now cringe every time I have to shell out more than five bucks for a nice dress, jacket or home décor item.

That being said, I know from my own experiences that shopping at thrift stores is more than worth your time and money. If you want to get the most bang for your buck on DIY wedding decorations, make Goodwill your go-to.

My best piece of advice for shopping at Goodwill or other thrift stores is to have vision. I cannot say this enough.

Too often people walk out of a thrift store empty handed because they only see an item for how it appears, sitting on a cluttered shelf surrounded by other random knick-knacks. They don’t have a vision for what it could be once it’s been given a makeover and immersed into a wedding atmosphere.

So, I repeat: do not take what you see for face value! Everything has the potential to be turned into something beautiful if you simply take the time to do so. Not to mention, you as a bride will have a better sense of pride once the finished product is put together because you created it yourself by putting in the time and effort. Additionally, your guests will love the personal details added to your wedding and your hard work will not soon be forgotten.

There is more to come on this topic in my next post, so be watching out for it! You can expect to see some great DIY craft ideas that I’ve put together straight from Goodwill that you can use for your own wedding.

Until next time!

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About Jill:

I am a senior at the University of Tennessee who considers “thrifting” my major, spends way too much time scavenging my local Goodwill and typing away on my 1958 seafoam green typewriter (Which I found at Goodwill—surprise, surprise!). I’m also embarking on my own DIY wedding journey as I’ve just gotten engaged to my boyfriend of five years! I’d love to hear about your own DIY wedding ideas in the comments below. Also, follow my blog at


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