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Downtown Antique Mall: Samantha & Caleb

The Downtown Antique Mall is one of the many treasures in Nashville, Tennessee. It almost makes for an adventurous location for an engagement session, much like Samantha and Caleb’s.

I first met Samantha and Caleb after church one Sunday when my best friend introduced me to them.

The two of them had just recently gotten engaged and of course we started our wedding talk!

We hit it off immediately and we scheduled a coffee date for the three of us to meet at Authentic Coffee Co. in Millersville, Tennessee.

While there, we learned some amazing things about each other!

Our favorite bands, what kind of books we liked, and most importantly, how they met!

As much as I love the story of their meeting, the story of how they became an “official” couple makes me so glad!

Samantha and Caleb met while in college and became great friends! But there was one issue: neither told each other they liked each other!

This kept on until Caleb broke the news to Samantha that he was going to be transferring schools. In that moment, she knew it was then or never.

After taking the risk to tell Caleb how she felt, he let her know he too had strong feelings for Samantha, which was the beginning of their relationship.

They then told me stories of some of their most memorable dates together and fun stories they share. We hit it off, and if you haven’t guessed, they even booked me for their wedding!

One of the things they told me why they booked with me is my emphasis on the relationship and my Premarital Counseling Offer, where couples can get up to $1000 my wedding photography services simply by attending premarital counseling with each other.

Knowing that my business is a ministry over a typical business was a huge relief for them.

After booking, we started the incredibly fun process of planning their engagement photos!

Choosing the Downtown Antique Mall

We didn’t immediately decide on shooting at the downtown antique mall for their engagement session, but the more we discussed the options of what their session could be, the more the shoot developed into an antique adventure!

Samantha and Caleb love to explore and walk around with each other simply for the fact of adventure! Samantha even told me a funny story of how her and a group of friends once walked MILES just to pick up icing from a Walmart simply to have icing!

We through around a few ideas together, but the biggest thing was choosing something that would truly be an authentic engagement session for them.

That’s when we landed on shooting at the Downtown Antique Mall.

Samantha and Caleb went right in and just about owned the place.

One thing that was incredibly impressive to me was Caleb’s ability to show his affection for Samantha even in public. The same for Samantha showing her affection to Caleb.

They are a match made in Heaven, and I cannot wait to see where their love takes them in their relationship.

Samantha and Caleb, I’m so thankful to be your wedding photographer, and I cannot wait until your wedding day!

downtown antique mall building

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shells at downtown antique mall

couple listening to seashells at downtown antique mall

sam and caleb engagement session at downtown antique mall

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couple at antique mall

glass bunnies for sale

ukulele at downtown antique mall

couple at the nashville downtown antique mall

engagement session at the downtown antique mall

smiling couple sitting down together

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couple at the downtown antique mall

chronicles of Narnia wardrobe at antique mall

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heart shaped jewelry box

heart shaped jewelry box

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I HUNT IT sign

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