Downtown Nashville: Elisabeth + Chase

A Short Time Ago, in a City a State Away…

Almost anytime you go to meet someone for the first time, it can sometimes be awkward. However, when I met Elisabeth and Chase, along with their dog Chewy, it was like seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a while. The two of them were extremely fun and open to trying anything new, such as driving down from Kentucky to have me do their engagement pictures in Nashville, TN!

Elisabeth + Chase 1


When meeting with Elisabeth and Chase, Elisabeth was telling me about how to the two of them met and how dating each other was the only option they had for each other. After spending some time with them, I couldn’t help but agree more as they were constantly laughing with each other and exchanging inside jokes. They also told me the only way Elisabeth was able to convince Chase to let them get a dog, was if she let Chase name him Chewy, naming him after the Wookie from Star Wars. If that doesn’t give you any insight to their humor, I don’t know what will!

Elisabeth + Chase 2

Your wedding is going to be great guys. May the force be with you. (;

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