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Engagement Session at The Peninsula: Jen and Kenji

It’s always the unexpected things that seem to bring people together. For Jen and Kenji, it was food, so it was only fitting to have their engagement session at the Peninsula, one of Nashville’s newest restaurants.

The Peninsula

The Peninsula is located right in the heart of East Nashville and is a very open, naturally lit restaurant.

It’s thanks to Yuriko Say, the owner, we were able to have this incredible engagement session at the Peninsula

Back when the Yuriko was first opening the restaurant, Jen was there to help roll out the red carpet!

You know how friends help out friends? Well, that’s exactly what happened after Jen and Kenji became engaged to each other.

Planning the engagement session at the Peninsula

When I first spoke to Jen on the phone discussing her engagement session, she told me how food was always an integral part of her relationship with Kenji.

The two first met at Le Sel, where they worked together. Jen started the job here because she is a freelance writer (an incredible one at that since she was able to write for CMT) and Kenji knew he wanted to own a restaurant one day, so why not start with working at one?

After a year of working with each other, they really started hitting it off! They definitely took a Chandler and Monica approach to their relationship at first! For those who don’t watch friends, I mean they kept it a secret!

Obviously, the secret got out! And that was just fine for Jen and Kenji.

How He Asked

By 2018, the two had already been talking marriage for some time. What Jen didn’t know was that Kenji already had the ring, he was just waiting for the right moment.

And then February came.

One evening, while at work, Kenji had Jen come to visit him while he was working. She was seated to a table and didn’t think much about what was happening. This was a pretty routine thing for them to do.

It was only after Kenji came to her table and got down on one knee that she realized what was happening. Even then Jen wasn’t entirely sure what was going on!

But, as the story goes, she went on to say yes.

Which brings us back to our phone call.

Engagement Session at The Peninsula

Because so much of their relationship revolved around food, I mentioned to Jen we should base their engagement session around the theme of food.

As a Nashville Wedding Photographer, one thing I try to focus on is the relationship of the couple, not just great photos.

Yes, Kenji and Jen could have some incredibly posed photos, but it’s important instead to have photos that immortalize your relationship as it is today.

It’s my belief that great photos that focus on the relationship rather than the pose can enhance a relationship.

Jen agreed and immediately, she thought of the Peninsula! Which brings us full circle to Yuriko.

Jen contacted Yuriko, asked if they could have the engagement at the Peninsula on a day they were closed, and she happily obliged.

What followed, were some amazing photos of this amazing couple!

The Peninsula in East Nashville

La-Funt Red Wine with engagement ring on top

Couple pouring red wine for engagement session at the Peninsula East Nashville

Couple laughing together drinking La Funt Red Wine at the Peninsula East Nashville

the Peninsula natural light kitchen in East Nashville

engagement session of couple holding hands in naturally lit restaurant in East Nashville

Engagement session in naturally lit restaurant in East Nashville. Green dress with white cardigan and gold necklace

man holding woman in embrace. Gray sports coat and white cardigan with green dress.

engagement ring hand on chest close to heart

couple at restaurant with red wine engagement photos

the Peninsula in East Nashville with hanging greenery

engagement photos at a naturally lit bar in East Nashville

couple kissing and drinking red wine during engagement session

green dress with white cardigan for engagement photos drinking red wine

man leaning in for kiss with gray scarf and gray sports coat

wine bottles around industrial pillar in naturally lit restaurant at the Peninsula

engagement session at the Peninsula, pink moto jacket, dart denim shirt

pink moto jacket and engagement ring

pink moto jacket and golden girls retro tshirt and dark denim shirt

walking in East Nashville with Pink Moto jacket for engagement session

sitting on white brick wall in pink moto jacket with blue jeans

couple dancing for engagement session at the Peninsula in East Nashville

retro tshirt for engagement session what to wear inspiration

retro golden girls t shirt and pink moto jacket

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