Get the Most Out of Your Shoot

Everyone wants to look their best, especially when arriving to a photo session. However, when arriving to the shoot, most subjects tend to only prepare on the day before and of the shoot. Wearing their best clothes and fixing their hair is usually about as far as it gets for preparation, but there is so much more to preparing for a shoot. The lack of know how is not the subject’s fault, but rather, falls on the photographer for not setting the right expectations, which is why I am writing this for you! I care about your photos, whether they are from me, or another photographer, and I want you to get the most out of your shoot. So, here are 3 things you can do to look your best!

Do Not Wear White

You see these photos all of the time. Family portraits, traditional couple pictures, church photos…it’s everywhere. Aside from the unoriginality of wearing white, it also causes things to get too bright on camera, making it harder to get correct lighting.

Get Your Hair/Makeup Done Professionally

Now, this one is more of a great suggestion than a must-do. Getting your hair and makeup done professionally will cost more, but it will also help you look your best. Remember, these are the professionals that can make your hair do anything and stay. Again, this one is just a suggestion, but a very helpful one to helping you look your best.

Get the most out of your shoot

(See more of Nicole’s wedding here.)

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is incredibly important. Aside from needing water to stay alive, it also helps in amazing amount of ways. It will help your skin have a healthier look, chapped lips will not be as likely, and it will even help you enjoy your time shooting more! You can read more about the benefits of staying hydrated here.

These are relatively simple things, but they are overlooked so much, I felt that this would be very beneficial for all of you people having pictures taken soon!

One Final Thing…

I am very excited to announce that when you book me for a wedding, you will also be getting an engagement session included, no matter which package of mine you decide to go with! This has me extremely excited because it allows me to follow you throughout your story and know you on a more personal level. Shoot me an email through the contact form here, or directly at

I hope to be shooting for you soon, and as always, you guys rock.

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