Grace Park: John + Casey

The Story at Grace Park

John and Casey first met at the school at Grace Park in White House, TN. Their story is the typical movie plot. He played football, she was a cheerleader. As the story would go, the two would catch each others eye, they would fall in love, and he would commit himself to her to marry her.

When they came to me to me to shoot their wedding, it was an immediate yes from me! Over the last 6 years, I have gotten to watch these two grow closer and closer in love with each other as they left for college, attended church, and even the times we would hang out. They have been devoted to each other in such a way, that everyone, those at Grace Park and anywhere else, could see they were meant to be.

The two have heavy country and southern roots, which means they have a special kind of love. She’s his lady, and he is her man, and I cannot wait for them to become husband and wife.

John and Casey hold hands at Grace ParkWalking at Grace ParkJohn and Casey LaughingJohn and Casey EngagementJohn and Casey Engagement BWJohn and Casey Belly LaughJohn and Casey Engagement Through the treesJohn and Casey the ringJohn and Casey DancingJohn and Casey in the fieldJohn and Casey Boots at Grace ParkJohn and Casey sitting in the field at Grace Park


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