Hermitage Golf Course: Holly and Demetris

Holly and Demetris’s Interracial Wedding at Hermitage Golf Course

Can I be honest and tell you some of my favorite weddings are interracial weddings?

I love seeing two cultures join together in marriage and let the world know that they only see each other, not races or classes.

That’s exactly what happened at Demetris and Holly’s wedding!

I already knew Demetris and Holly were going to be perfect on the day of their wedding because how amazing they were at their engagement session at Arrington Vineyards.

The two have a very tight bond together and were so excited to get married.

Not only were they excited, but their little boy, Avery, was excited too!

(Although, he was a little tired and had to take a nap during the ceremony!)

Hermitage Golf Course

The Hermitage Golf Course in Nashville is one of my favorite venues in the area. Monica, the coordinator there, is always so helpful and the workers are incredibly hospitable.

Admittedly, my favorite thing to do at these golf courses is to ride in the golf carts to capture some AMAZING photos!

See This Winter Wedding at Hermitage Golf Course!

The Ceremony

I love ceremonies, and I love vows.

As beautiful as these two elements of the wedding day are, I love to watch how the bride and groom look at each other.

Seeing the excitement of a new journey in a couple’s eyes is something so remarkable and so new, every time.

My favorite part of Holly and Demetris’s wedding was when Holly was sharing her vows to Demetris and tears welled up in his eyes.

He was so moved by her words to him and he was unafraid to express these tears in front of his peers.

It was a remarkable moment that I believe will stay engraved in their minds forever.

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