Permission Marketing

You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.Charlie Jones

This week, I have been all about goals (you can view my 2017 goals here). Of those goals, reading 24 books by the end of the year was one of them. To keep myself accountable, I thought it would be a great idea to write about what I’m reading, and hopefully interest some of you about the books I’m reading myself! So, every Friday, I will be giving a “book report” on the books I am reading. If I do this right, each book report will be a 2 part series. That said, here is what I’m reading!

Permission Marketing – Seth Godin

Permission Marketing is about…marketing. As any business owner knows, marketing is the hardest part to do! (Yes, I’m a photographer, but there is so much more to this!)

Seth Godin challenges all marketers to resist what he calls, “Interruption Marketing.” Interruption Marketing is anything that stops you from what you are doing and tries to get your attention, without even gaining your trust. (Guilty.) Instead, by implementing this thing called “Permission Marketing,” the marketer is only seen when he gains his customers permission to market to them.

Why is it that Permission Marketing is the winner? Seth Godin challenges that Interruption Marketing costs more. Interruption Marketing also requires mass marketing. Some brands that do this are: Apple, Microsoft, McDonalds…The list goes on! This method of marketing works for them because they have millions of dollars they can spend towards marketing. Small businesses do not.

How to Get Permission

Getting a customer’s permission to market to them requires you to give them something they want. But to get your name out there, you DO need to Interrupt, but only briefly. From there, you get them to like you, trust you, and eventually, become a friend and customer. There is no right answer on how to do this, except that you target your Interruption Marketing efforts into the customer you want and resonates with you.

That’s Where I’m At

As I said, this is a 2 part series! Sorry to end it abruptly! However, part 2 will be up next Friday and will cover the conclusion of the book. There is no way I can cover everything Seth Godin speaks of in this series, but if you want to read it for yourself, click on the image below to buy it! (Not affiliated with Seth Godin, I just believe sharing is caring!)


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