DIY: Jamison + Jennifer

The Rain Was Relentless…


The rain was relentless, the ceremony started an hour late, and the chill was cold enough to see your breath for this outdoor wedding…and the day could not have been any more perfect.

Jamison and Jennifer 3

As the couple readied themselves for the day, coordinating with their families to help them move throughout the house so as not to see each other before the ceremony, they both could hardly contain themselves with the excitement that was coursing through their bodies. “I’m not nervous at all!” is what Jamison was telling me through a big, toothy grin while he was struggling to button his sleeves with his shaking hands. Anyone could read, he was being honest. He was shaking with excitement because he was marrying his girl!

Jamison and Jennifer 1

The Ceremony Started an Hour Late…

When Jennifer’s grandmother was running late, she was so worried about starting on time, but she knew she was not going to have this ceremony without her. And with that resolve, and the certainty that she was not going to leave her family out of anything, I knew Jamison was marrying a girl who will stay by his side. That kind of certainty inspired me, and with that, I knew they were going to be ok.
Jamison and Jennifer 2

Jamison and Jennifer 4

Jamison and Jennifer 5
Jamison and Jennifer, congratulations. I wish the two of you a happy marriage.

As always,
You guys rock.

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