Josh and Lauren’s Marriage Proposal at Nashville Gaylord Springs Golf Links

Ok, I have to be honest, shooting a marriage proposal is new territory to me!

I’ve shot countless weddings and engagements over the past few years, but a proposal? This makes my first!

So how did this come about? Well, here’s the story.

Josh Contacts Derek Couts Photography

One of the greatest things a phone has, in my opinion, is the feature to receive notifications. So when I got the notification about shooting a proposal, I opened my email immediately to check out what was up!

In the email, Josh told me how he and his girlfriend (SPOILER* NOW FIANCÉ!) had been dating for nearly 10 years.

They were coming to Nashville from Texas on a business trip.

While here, decided to make the best out of it with a trip to the golf course.

Little did Lauren know, Josh planned to present a marriage proposal to her.

Here’s how!

The Plan

On April 21, Josh and Lauren were going to come up to the Gaylord Springs Golf Links in Nashville, TN and golf.

Their plane, however, landed on April 20, which gave Josh the opportunity to come “check out the course,” meet up with the staff, and figure out the details.

The plan was that when Josh and Lauren came up to hole 13, a staff member at the golf course would come and replace the flag with another one Josh designed for “an event” as he was about to putt.

Meanwhile, while this is happening, I would be hiding from a distance so I could capture the moment as it happened.

Then, we would just record the moment as it happened.

The Marriage Proposal

Everything went perfectly!

The weather was the best it had been in weeks leading up to the day of, the sun was out and the breeze was so relaxing!

To be honest, I was incredibly anxious leading up to this all day!

I really had no idea what Josh and Lauren looked like, seeing as they’re from Texas and I’ve only been there when going to Nicaragua.

Thank goodness for the flag! That was the big moment that let me know, “This is happening!”

I can honestly say, had we not taken the time to plan this out with each other, the following images would not have come out as great as they did!

Josh and Lauren, congratulations you two!

Now check out these amazing photos of them! (:

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