Nashville Bridge: Seth + Raegan

Meeting Seth and Raegan at the Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN, we all had one thing in mind: to have fun on this shoot!

It would only make sense to do so with this fun and loving couple. Seth serves in the military, and when one of his friends in the military told him about Raegan, he was intrigued. Some time later, they finally got to meet each other at a ball game, and sparks were flying. The two made an immediate connection, and Seth went out of his way to make things official.

As I got to speaking with the two of them and how their relationship is with Seth being active duty Air Force and living 500 miles from his fiance, I learned that the two of them are doing everything they can to make it work. With Seth making the drive each time he is on leave, and Raegan balancing life and school, they are keeping each other at the center of it all.

Shooting at the Pedestrian Bridge

Shooting at the Pedestrian Bridge proved to be quite easy this time. Maybe things were just lined up perfectly for Seth and Raegan’s shoot, or we just went at a good time. Typically, there are dozens of people walking the bridge, photographers shooting, and tourists touring, but on this day, it was relatively clear. This helped turn out for some amazing images, and I cannot wait for you to see the images! Take a look at them below!

Nashville Pedestrian Bridge view
On the Pedestrian Bridge
Walking the Pedestrian Bridge
Pedestrian Bridge
Seth and Raegan
Seth and Raegan under the Pedestrian Bridge
Seth and Raegan smile
Seth and Raegan at the skyline
Seth and Raegan Silhouette

What a beautiful couple! Be sure to congratulate them by commenting or sharing!

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