It’s Near Impossible to Take Pictures of Your Own Events!

Last night was Halloween, and Grace and I took Rowan to Trick-or-Treat around the neighborhood. Do you know how many photos of the night we have? Zero! I’m not sure if it’s just us, but every time we are doing something as a family, we have barely any pictures because it’s near impossible to take pictures of your own events!

This doesn’t hold only for holidays, but even for the bigger events in life, like birthdays, parties, and weddings.

Imagine this: your friend is getting married, and a week before you arrive, he asks you to take pictures of the wedding because they wanted to save money on the wedding.

The issue here is that they still want the details to be shot, getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception.

How do you celebrate your friend’s marriage if you are working?

The idea I’m wanting to drive home is that if you would want to enjoy your friends weddings, they would want to enjoy yours. The same goes for family.

We all hope to only get married once and for those who are present, we want them to enjoy the celebrations! That is why it is so important to hire a professional to take care of the other things for you and let you enjoy the day. Let the photographers take the photos and the coordinators coordinate the wedding! Enjoy your wedding, and let others enjoy it with you.

It’s near impossible to take pictures of your own events, so let the professionals capture the memories for you.

(Just to show I put my money where my mouth is, I could have shot my best friends wedding, but instead, I got to enjoy the wedding day thanks to their photographer, Sheila Wilson Photography, who also did mine and Grace’s family session!)


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