Out of focus exit shot

Photography Isn’t All About Focus

Exiting the reception
Photography isn’t all about focus. It isn’t even about light. It’s about the subject and what is felt in the moment. Each photo is a memory and in every memory is life. This photo of Jill and Daniel’s wedding I shot in March of 2017 shows this. It’s about the moment, one that cannot be recreated and is truly authentic.

I recently read a story from Jenna Henderson (a wonderful photographer) about one of her recent weddings she shot. I wish the focus of the story could be about the beauty of each shot and how excited the couple was to receive the photos, but it’s not. Instead, the focus was on honoring the bride for the life she lived, because only six weeks after the wedding, she (the bride) passed away.

Read Jenna Henderson’s story of Quintin and Anna

In her story, Jenna made a clear call “…to all wedding photographers out there: our work is important. It’s so much more than having a cool shot or a large Instagram following or lots of likes and shares. Our work is what people cling to when trying to understand life and death and all in between. We can’t carry that lightly.” 

I do not shoot to be the next best photographer, but I shoot because it is how I serve. Jenna, thanks for sharing this story and reminding us that we are so much more than a person behind a camera.

Check out more of Jenna’s blog here: http://jhendersonstudios.blogspot.com/

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