3 Questions You Don’t Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

If you search Wedding Photographer in Pinterest, Google, or the Knot, you are likely to come across an article with the title Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer or something incredibly similar.

Some of the questions suggested to ask can be very enlightening and indeed helpful. Others, however, are silly to ask. Here, we’ll discuss the top 3 questions you don’t need to ask your wedding photographer.

Ask Your Wedding Photographer What Gear He Is Using

Have you ever asked a builder what brand hammer he is using when building a house? What about the kind of pencil an artist is using when sketching? If you have asked either of these, it’s likely that you were only inquiring about the gear each was using because you were either entering the field or were somewhat familiar with the gear used by each.

Although gear can be an enhanced tool someone uses to complete a task, it’s not the camera taking the picture, just as it isn’t the hammer building a house.

It’s the individual who is in control of the tool.

And, honestly, if you were to ask me what gear I was using, you’d probably feel like you just listened to gibberish as I explain that I shoot with a Canon 6D with a 50mm 1.8 with a Yongnuo 600EX-RT attached to my Black Rapid shoulder strap.

(This point is clearly aimed at those who are not familiar with camera gear.)

Ask Your Wedding Photographer What He Wears to a Wedding


Ask Your Wedding Photographer What He WearsIf it is clear that your wedding photographer has professional grade photos displayed on his or her website, a professional website, and a professional contract, it’s likely he or she is a professional.

That will likely mean he (or she) dresses and acts accordingly.

If you are still in doubt, however, just investigate the photographer in question on Facebook. I can almost guarantee that you will find a photo of the photographer shooting a wedding so you can see what is being worn.

Ask Your Wedding Photographer For Unedited Images

Ask Your Wedding Photographer for Unedited Images

I’m sitting here, thinking of how to best explain this…

A wedding photographer isn’t just someone who takes photos. He or she is also trying to convey a story, your story, in the most memorable way possible.

Here is a direct quote from Your Perfect Wedding Photographer:

“Your¬†wedding photographer¬†could take a number of photos at any one moment, do you want 200 photos as you walk down the aisle. Some maybe out of focus, some may have someone stood up with the phone in view, some may have you and your father both with your eyes closed. Do you want these photos? Really? This is only part of the process, photos are also processed and adjusted to get the colour balance just right, also some photos are adjusted to be black and white where they are more suited and also look better.”

Photographers aren’t evil people holding photos from you. Instead, think of them as people who want to make you cry when you see your photos because you are so in love with them!

That’s it for the 3 questions you don’t need to ask your wedding photographer. Now, that being said, if it makes you feel more comfortable to ask these questions, then ask away by all means! I just want you to not lose any time asking any questions that aren’t necessary.

I hope this helps!

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