Telltale Signs a Proposal May Be Near

It’s February and that means every guy has one thing on his mind: Valentine’s Day. But, this year may be a bit different for your boyfriend as he could be planning your engagement! After all, more than half of all engagements happen between the months of November through February. If you think your relationship is far enough to be considering marriage, here are 5 tell-tale signs a proposal may be near.

He Starts Asking Unusual Questions

Aside from questions like, “What is your ring size?” there are some questions that may come up that you haven’t discussed yet. Don’t be alarmed by some of these questions. It’s likely he is trying to figure out how he should propose to you or trying to determine if you are ready to say yes.

You may even have discussions on how many children you want, where you want to live, what your dreams are, and where you would want to get married one day.

He Hangs Out With Your Father

Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life

Is your boyfriend suddenly hanging out with your father? Here’s a hint: he may be getting ready to ask your father for his blessing to marry you.

You can usually gauge this by the amount of time your boyfriend actually hangs out with him. If it’s often, then things are probably just going as normal. If, however, your father starts doting on you a bit more after one of their hangouts, the question may have been asked.

He Brings Up the Topic of Marriage

Most guys don’t like to talk about marriage. Either it’s too “girly,” or it just makes them feel uncomfortable. If you are hanging out with each other and he starts talking about marriage and your (potential) life after the wedding, he may be considering popping the question.

Don’t get too anxious yet; he may just be having casual conversation with you. If he does not talk about marriage with you though, a proposal may be near.

He is Suddenly Watching Where His Money Is Going

If your boyfriend normally does not keep a budget and is suddenly very aware of where his money is going and he’s talked about marriage with you already, it could be because he is saving every penny to buy you the ring of your dreams in preparation for the proposal.

He Buys a Gift Card for You to Get A Manicure

This is the biggest hint of all. One, guys don’t buy manicure gift cards often. Two, he likely only did this because he read a blog about How to Propose and read to get you a manicure (as well as a photographer).

But, in the case he hasn’t but you’ve been noticing these other things happening, I’d nonchalantly let him know you want a manicure before he asks, as well as a photographer.

Now, these aren’t guaranteed signals that a proposal may be near, but they are pretty strong indicators. But remember, just because it’s the month of Valentine’s Day, it does not mean you are going to get engaged. But it doesn’t mean you won’t either!

If you feel pretty strongly that this may be happening with you soon, I recommend finding out what to do once you are engaged!

Good luck!

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