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The Factory Engagement Session: Andria and Keith

One thing I’m always grateful for as a Nashville Wedding Photographer is the character of each couple I get to work with. This is especially true for Andria and Keith during their engagement session at The Factory in Franklin, TN.

The Angel Test

You see, Keith passes the Angel Test.

What is the Angel Test you may ask? Well, meet Angel, Andria’s terrier mix.

my humans are getting married dog bandana

The Angel Test is simply this: does she like you or not?

Angel is pretty particular about who she accepts as an acceptable human, and she does not make this a secret.

Keith passed the test and it was a big enough deal that when Andria first called her mother to tell her about Keith, the first thing her mom asked was, “Does Angel like him?”

Andria claims this is how she knew Keith was the one!

The Factory

When planning their engagement session, Andria knew The Factory was the right location for their authentic engagement session.

Much of their time is spent here, whether it’s enjoying an Up & Up (Soda Coffee) at Honest Coffee, or exploring different areas of the building.

It’s not just because of what is inside The Factory that made them want to shoot at this location, but also the ability to take a step outside to enjoy the coffee or let Angel out for a walk.

(A HUGE shoutout to Keith sister for hanging out with us watching out for Angel between photos with her!)

The Engagement Session

Honestly, we were worried we were going to have to reschedule the session, mainly because of this unpredictable Tennessee weather.

(Seriously, it was 70 and sunny the day before, 50 and cloudy the day of, and the next morning there was snow on the ground that wasn’t even in the forecast!)

Thankfully, the rain held off just enough so that we didn’t get rained out of this session.

And, as Keith said, we were all pretty excited how it ended up turning out.

Yes, the weather wasn’t perfect, but it was more than what we were hoping for!

The weather people had been calling for a downpour, which thankfully didn’t happen.

Instead, we ended up with a killer engagement session that we were all excited for!

We also jammed out to the soundtrack of “The Greatest Showman” the entire time. No shame.

couple walking dog at the factory

couple walking together woman looking at man

couple walking dog together

couple holding hands and showing off ring

couple holding their dog

couple leaning against a wall

Honest coffee sign

couple ordering coffee

Honest Coffee Franklin Tn The Factory Menu

getting coffee from coffee shop

couple holding hands

couple holding hands at café

ring shot and drinking coffee together

woman sitting in fiance's lap

couple laughing together drinking coffee

Honest Coffee

Tree inside the Factory

couple walking together at the Factory

man holding woman in hug kissing her hair

couple laughing together

couple laughing and sharing wedding date

getting married sign

couple holding hands in front of gears at the factory

couple holding each other

upper level of the Factory

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