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To the 2018 Brides, this is your year.

Unique bouquet toss at Hermitage Golf Course Wedding

To the 2018 Brides, this is your year. Congratulations.

This is your year

This is your year of wedding planning. The year where you take your childhood dreams and pull strings to make them a reality. This is your year where all of the planning you pour your heart and soul into comes together to become your wedding day.

All of the stress finding the right vendors.

Fretting over the smallest of details.

Everything that comes together to become a wedding, is happening this year. You are a 2018 bride.

You are getting married

Wasn’t it exciting? How he asked? He knelt down on one knee, and with all of the courage he could muster up, he asked you to take the relationship to the next level. He wants you to become his wife!

Since you have been together, you have found things don’t go according to plan.

While you are planning, you may not be able to book the photographer you dreamed of.

Your honeymoon may or may not be what the advertisements sold you.

But that is ok, because you are entering into marriage!

Enjoy the Journey

So enjoy the journey. As you approach your wedding date, you may begin to feel you are wearing thin.

It is said that when running a marathon, the hardest part is the last mile.

You may be wishing you had just eloped if you never wanted to before the planning process.

Don’t let that thought be the purveying thought to changing your wedding plans. Follow through and have the wedding you deserve.

Because when your wedding day comes, and the door opens up, you will see your groom standing at the alter, awaiting his bride: you.

He loves you, and as beautiful as this day is, he thinks you are the most beautiful part of it all.

This is your year, and you are getting married. Enjoy the journey.

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