engaged couple sitting on a bench at shelby park in nashville for engagement session

Victoria and Brandin’s Nashville Engagement Session

You know those TV shows where there is usually a young couple who start out as friends, one of them moves away, they forget about each other, and then comes back to the main character’s life years later and they become the love interests? That’s Brandin and Victoria, as I found out when shooting their Nashville engagement session.

Victoria has been a wonderful friend of mine since 2011. We even have a history of playing music with each other! So when I found out that she got engaged, I was ecstatic for her!

A month after their engagement, Victoria reached out to me to shoot their wedding and engagement and naturally I said, “OMG YES!”

After everything was made official, we scheduled their engagement session unintentionally on Super Bowl Sunday, and met at Ugly Mugs in Nashville.

How They Met

While we were sitting at this awesome coffee shop in East Nashville, I was able to meet Brandin for the first time and learn about how they met.

As it turned out, they went to school with each other for several years and were wonderful friends. After moving, the two of them lost touch for quite some time.

Then, one evening, Victoria was scrolling through her suggested people to follow feed on Instagram when she saw Brandin’s profile.

She told me her initial thought was, “Hey, is that Brandin?” and she proceeded to follow him.

It didn’t take him long to accept her request, and almost immediately after, she slid into his DM.

After talking well into the night, the two of them decided to meet at a little coffee shop near them.

Almost a year later, they knew things were perfect, went to Disney World, and got engaged.

Their Nashville Engagement Session

After talking for a while more and getting comfortable with the thought of their engagement session, we started the session while at the coffee shop and the magic started their.

One thing that I always love about the couples I work with is that they are never afraid to show affection for each other in public.

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While Victoria and Brandin were flirting with each other, sipping their cold brew coffee and brevé latte, they laughed loud and kissed tenderly, clearly showing their love for one another.

After the wonderful time we spent with each other over coffee, we drove over the Shelby Park to walk the trails and enjoy the breeze.

We shared corny jokes, talked about families, and dreamed of the food we were all going to eat watching the Patriots and Eagles fight for the Super Bowl trophy.

After an outfit change, we headed down to the Pedestrian Bridge by Nissan Stadium to end the session.

After crushing a few images, we decided to call the session due to the upcoming game and the wind chill that was getting to us!

(An engagement session in Nashville in February can mean experiencing all four seasons within a 24 hour period!)

couple drinking coffee at a coffee shop in nashville

engaged couple enjoying couple at a glass window

ugly mugs product display table in nashville tennessee

nashville engagement at coffee shop ugly mugs

engaged couple touching foreheads during engagement session

intimate couple posing for engagement session in nashville tennessee

engaged couple holding hands and walking in park

couple laughing together during nashville engagement session

showing off the engagement ring

up angle photo of couple holding hands

engaged couple sitting on a bench at shelby park in nashville for engagement session

holding hands and displaying engagement ring during nashville engagement session

couple sitting down in front of the nashville skyline on the pedestrian bridge

The entire session was amazing, and I cannot stress enough how great they are together.

November can’t get here soon enough! Victoria and Brandin, I can’t wait for your wedding!

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