Inbound Digital Marketing

Organically Increase Website Traffic with Inbound Digital Marketing

As a Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist, I will utilize SEO best practices and Inbound Marketing Strategies to help you increase traffic to your website, generate organic quality leads, and automate your lead nurturing process – helping you make more deals and grow your business.

Increase Organic Traffic
Get Quality Leads
Automate Lead Nurturing

People First Digital Marketing – For You.

Marketing Agencies only see numbers. I see people. Just because a website exists, doesn’t mean it will be found. At the same time, a high traffic count doesn’t exactly equal more customers. While I do help you get increased traffic to your website, I take the approach of getting more people talking to you – not just higher percentages across your metrics.

Who You Are Working Will

Hey there, I’m Derek Couts – I’ve been in Digital Marketing for the last 7 years.

In that time, I’ve worked with several marketing agencies, and they all have similar problems.

  • High client and employee turn over.
  • Lack of perspective (they only see numbers instead of people)
  • No personality (all business, never anything personal)

I decided to freelance digital marketing for businesses because they need someone who is in their corner and isn’t going to charge them thousands for impersonal work.

Working with me, you won’t have a full team – you’ll only have me. At the same time, you have someone who will get to know what your goals are and will know at any moment what is happening with your marketing. Because there is only me, your success is my success.

And I want to be successful. We can be successful together.

How I Can Help

It’s important you have someone who can fully serve you. As a full-service digital marketing freelancer, I can manage your digital needs.


Marketing Strategy

Let’s stop building marketing strategies around numbers. Instead, let’s focus on human connections – we just happen to utilize a digital format to make these connections.

  • Social Media Calendar Creation
  • Editorial Calendar Creation
  • Relationship Nurturing


Ideal for businesses with lower budgets, we can meet 2 hours each month to go over your marketing goals, discuss solutions to make your plans actionable, and give you a clear direction on what you should focus on next.

  • 2 Hours Consulting
  • Marketing Strategy Assistance
  • Sounding Board for New Ideas

Website Optimization

Your website is not your brochure. It is an extension of you and your brand message. Instead of redesigning the entire look of your website, I will optimize your existing website to grow your business.

  • Call-to-action Placement
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Technical SEO

SEO Content Creation

Having a website is not enough to have it rank well on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Using SEO best practices (and a few other tricks I’ve learned), I will create content that will increase traffic to your website and help you become a trusted authority.

  • High-Intent Keyword Research
  • SEO Driven Copywriting

Social Media Marketing

Let’s put “social” back in social media. We’re not out to attack algorithms. We’re out to build human interaction. I will create social media content that is intended to engage audiences, invite them to core pages on your website, and start conversations inside of your DMs.

  • Social Media Calendar
  • Community Management
  • DM Management


Anyone can take a photo – but the quality of the photo is a reflection of your brand. Whether you need content for social media, updated headshots, lifestyle photography, or anything in between.

  • Headshots
  • Lifestyle Sessions
  • Event / Behind the Scenes

Contact Creation

You’ve probably heard of this as Lead Generation. Abandon that concept – we’re not out to get leads. We’re out to make connections with the right contacts. Screw cheesy PDFs and White Papers that don’t create real conversations. We’re out to start meaningful business relationships.

  • Contact Form Creation
  • Contact Form Placement
  • Value Offer Creation

Relationship Nurturing

Again – we’re not nurturing leads. We’re nurturing relationships. The way we do this is by creating incredible value through knowledge, relevant conversation, and personal communication – only utilizing automated systems when necessary.

  • Email Marketing
  • Lifecycle Stage Automation
  • Contact-to-Text Messaging (so no lead is missed)

Value Upgrade Experiences

A business is out to resolve pain or bring pleasure. Instead of stopping a conversation at the first solution you offer, allow your relationships to tell you when they are satisfied with the solutions you’ve given.

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Thank You Page Creation
  • Value Upsell / Download Creation

The Process

You should know how we’re going to work together before you ever sign anything. That’s why there are 3 steps to becoming a client.


Step 1: Discovery Call

We’ll start with a 1-hour Discovery Call where you tell me your goals. Whether that is to start more conversations on Social Media, get more inquiries on your website, or redesign your website to have a better experience for your website visitors so they can contact you more easily.

Step 2: Strategy Call

After hearing your goals, I will design a digital marketing strategy that will be used to help you meet your goals. Here, I’ll describe some of the tactics we will use to help you meet your goals. We’ll meet again for another hour to present the strategy and outline the scope of the project.

Step 3: Onboard and Implement

After presenting the strategy to you, you have a choice. Hire me, or don’t. If you decide to, we’ll start onboarding by getting me access to whatever assets I need to implement the tactics outlined. I ask for a 6-month commitment to start because it will take time to see initial growth, and then we can go month-by-month to a performance-based agreement.

Contact Me!

Whether you are in Little Rock with me or in other parts of the world, we should connect.