Inbound Digital Marketing

Organically Increase Website Traffic with Inbound Digital Marketing

As a Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist, I will utilize SEO best practices and Inbound Marketing Strategies to help you increase traffic to your website, generate organic quality leads, and automate your lead nurturing process – helping you make more deals and grow your business.

Increase Organic Traffic
Get Quality Leads
Automate Lead Nurturing

Adopting the Inbound Methodology for Your Business

Marketing is the blood of a business – whereas Sales is the heart of it. When the two are working together in harmony, you have a business with life. You cannot have one without the other. This is why businesses need to adopt the idea of the Inbound Methodology. Attract, Engage, Delight.

  • Boost ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) with SEO
  • Generate leads with relevant content that engages audiences
  • Utilize Lead Nurturing strategies to turn leads into customers
  • Automate systems to identify your qualified leads and save time

I Can Implement Inbound Into Your Business

Hey there, I’m Derek Couts – a Certified Inbound Marketing Strategist.

When it comes to developing effective marketing strategies, many businesses find themselves struggling with the idea of what to do next.

As an Inbound Marketing Strategist, I help businesses by analyzing their website metrics (such as page views to identify their website traffic) and implementing strategies that will grow website views and capture website visitors as leads (which we turn into customers!)

Implementing the Inbound Methodology into your business is a slow process – but it is one that has been proven over and over to help businesses get quality leads, organically!

Many Marketing Agencies cost thousands of dollars just to create a marketing strategy – but as a solopreneur (that’s fancy for Freelancer), I can help you create a strategy for free.

How I Can Help

As an Inbound Marketing Strategist, I help make online marketing easy for you. In short, you can focus on what you do well (working on your business), and I can focus on what I do well (marketing your business).

SEO Content Creation

$500 + $1000/Month

Having a website is not enough to have it rank well on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). That is why I can implement an SEO Strategy and create content for you.

  • Basic Technical SEO to Improve Website for SERP Crawling
  • SEO Strategy to rank on page 1 locally for choice keywords
  • Monthly Editorial Calendar
  • Monthly Email Newsletter to List
  • Three, 300-Word Industry Specific Blog Articles
  • Monthly Traffic Reporting
  • 2 Hours Monthly Consulting

Lead Capture

$1500 + $1000/Month

The goal of a website is not only to have website visitors but to convert visitors into qualified leads. In addition to SEO Strategy, I can help you get leads.

  • Everything with SEO Strategy and Content Creation
  • Design and Development of a Contextual Offer
  • Design and Development of Landing Page
  • Lead Capture Form Setup
  • Exit-Intent Lead Capture Form
  • Thank You Page with next-step funnel optimization

Lead Nurturing Automation

$2,500 + $1000/Month

Not all leads are equal, which is why I can set up lead nurturing automation to send timely, relevant messages and help you focus on the right leads.

  • 10 Automated Lead Nurturing Emails
  • CRM Automation to Identify Qualified Leads
  • Lead Management Automation
  • 100% Lead Follow Up

Our Process

The Inbound Methodology exists on a Flywheel, meaning the cycle never ends. So long as you pour into Inbound, it will pour back into your business.

Step 1: Onboard and Optimize

Over the course of 3 weeks, you will onboard by granting access to your systems and we will determine your target audience, determine your voice, and create our first SEO strategy, Editorial Calendar, and any other collateral needed to meet your goals.

Step 2: Continually Create

Next, we will begin writing and publishing three, 300-word industry-related blog articles on your website that have been identified to increase your web traffic and send a monthly newsletter to your existing (and growing) email list.

Step 3: Analyze and Adjust

Each month, we will analyze our efforts by observing website metrics to determine the effectiveness of your Inbound Marketing efforts, from website traffic to leads generated and nurtured.

Contact Me!

Whether you are in Little Rock with me or in other parts of the world, we should connect. We can work together to create your Inbound Marketing Strategy and implement the Inbound Methodology into your business.